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'Ray of Light'

Lichtblicke ('Ray of Light') is a participatory, inclusive dance–theatre and film project, working with people with and without dementia.

The project focuses on enabling inclusion through cultural and social participation. It hopes to raise awareness of structural issues around ageing and dementia, cultural background and sexual orientation, and so contribute to the formation of a society critical of discrimination.

March–December 2023

Artistic direction & choreography:  Dietmar von der Forst & Barbara Gamper

Dance, choreography & music: Anja Schäplitz, Be van Vark, Mizgin Gülmüs

Video documentation / editing & photography:  Elkin Caldéron Guevara 

In cooperation with: Theater der Erfahrung (Theatre of Experience)

and Lebensort Vielfalt (Living Space of Diversity)


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