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Projektion ins Leere

Art and Media project in Genthin, Sachsen Anhalt, Germany 2021

Artists involved: Bärbel Jahn, Kurt König, Anja Schäplitz, Annette Witt

A third of all shops in the town of Genthin are now shut and stand empty.

By offering participation in this project, we give kids and teenagers a chance to find artistic ways to express their discontentment.

Through the mediums of dance, music and film, ideas for the future of Genthin can emerge that include them; they become visible. 

Screening of the resulting work was presented by these young people, shown in the empty shops throughout the town.


In cooperation with:

Dancers Without Borders, Berlin

Am Baumschulenweg Secondary school, Genthin

Youth Centre, Morushaus, Genthin

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