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Anja Schaeplitz


Anja Schäplitz is a freelance dance and performance artist,  a choreographer and a dance educator. 

Her work focuses on devising and creating participative dance projects for site-specific performance in urban spaces and intimate environments.

She is a board member of Dancers Without Borders 

- a non-profit organisation that promotes and supports collaborative dance and dance education projects.

The core of their work is driven by social engagement. 

talking about her work:

“Strong enthusiasm for creative discovery and cultural innovation lies at the core of my work. This extends across European borders, societies, cultures, sectors and artistic disciplines, embracing the joy of making new things happen together by collaborating.

Bridging borders creatively and culturally is fundamental to my practice. Mediation is the basis of my process - a means of connection to weave in the disenfranchised, the little heard, the ordinary voices.

I believe that ideas around imaginative cultural power are key to finding new answers and fresh approaches to the current challenges in our societies; to think, act and reflect about existing and new practices and explore together how we can further contribute to safeguarding the idea of an open, more just, participative and humane society.”

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