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Fonds Darstellend Künste



Site-specific performance project dealing with the particular challenges and effects of the Covid 19 pandemic

in urban spaces, in relation to social connections and perceptions.

The work addresses the aesthetics of public space and how the pandemic has affected the way we move in these spaces.

The making of the piece was filmed and can be seen here.

Performers: Anja Schäplitz, Sibylle Günther, Kostis Spyrou, Vera Hüller

Artistic Directors: Anja Schäplitz, Sibylle Günther

Music, Composer: Gisbert Schürig       Musicians: Aşkin Kirim, Frieda Gawenda, Eren Paydaş    

        Photo/ Film: Clemens Kahlke     Film/Edit: Aymar Ayéman Esse      

                                               Costume Designer: Bärbel Jahn                                                   

Funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste

Anja Coronagrafien 4_edited.jpg
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