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Fonds Darstellend Künste

Dance on the Plateau
Das Fest–Uczta 'Tanz auf dem Plateau'

A humorous, rousing, poetic, joyful, furious party on stage with people from the Randeau Plateau in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, close to the Polish border with Germany.  Gathering traditions, histories and dreams to create visions for the future that celebrate ourselves and  our community, performed outside in the sweetness of Summer.

August 2022 – June 2023


images from the performance

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Participants: residents of the senior citizen's home 'Abendsonne' in Penkum, Penkum Primary School, Pusteblume Kindergarten in Penkum, the countrywomen's group of Schwennenz, the senior citizen's sports  group of Krackow, Teatr Tańca EGO VU Gryfino–Poland,, Gmina Kolbaskowo–Poland, Free School Wallmow, Anglers'Club Krackow, Hungting Horn Blowers of Penkun, German–Polish choir of Brüssow, Vintage Car Club of Krackow, and many more!

Artistic direction, choreography: Be van Vark

Dance, choreography: Anja Schäplitz

Costume, stage design: Bärbel Jahn

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