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Neues Normal

a piece created in response

to the current Corona virus pandemic

performed in Berlin,  summer 2020





Anja Schäplitz is a freelance dance and performance artist,  a choreographer and a dance educator. 

Her work focuses on devising and creating participative dance projects for site-specific performance in urban spaces and intimate environments.

She is co-founder of Tanz & Theater in PHYNIX — a non-profit organisation 

that promotes and supports collaborative dance and dance education projects

that are socially-engaged.

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© 2020 Anja Schäplitz

Neues Normal 2020

a site-specific performance in urban space created as a response to the Corona virus pandemic, exploring the 'new normal' made in collaboration with the choreographers of the collective Tanztheater Collage Moderne, Germany performed in Berlin, summer 2020 funding through an anonymous foundation